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There are four levels formulated by ACE ABC. Each level is to certify that you are at a certain stage of your training week by week. Each level is a progression of abilities; from punch combinations, to bag work, and of your cardiovascular endurance.

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Level 1

Is Your first Introduction to boxing your start by learning  to
Throwing straight punches
Proper fighting stance
Beginning stage of footwork
Shadow boxing
Level I is where your timing verses your coordination is developed using varied types of boxing drills. Balance & awkwardness is corrected/perfected before advancing to Level II. Also, your conditioning must be in tip top shape before moving onward. This is why it is important to keep up with your cardio, as in jump rope, sprints, jogging, running machine, or whatever your exercise choice may be. Shadow boxing on your own plays a big role in cardio improvement. As your shadowboxing improves,then occasionally shadow box with 1 lb. to 2 lb. weights in each hand.

The Four Levels

Level 2
Level 2 begins the one-two series of which the hook & uppercut is taught from.
Body shots
Defense skills
Bob & weave
Footwork performed in the ring w/pivoting & side shuffle
Medicine ball & advanced plyometrics It is at Level II you are expected to perform 30 seconds to 1 minute for 2 to 3 rounds on the heavy bag & reflex bag. Your abdominal work should be at an advanced stage.


You are  now well on your way to be coming a compition aba boxer.  This is now where we step it up a gear to start getting you ready for the sparring phase of your training  but we need to improve  your abilities in  
Power & speed.
Counter punching
advanced defensive skills
Speed bag
Double end bag
Advanced focus mitts
Timing drills
Extreme conditioning drills
Jump rope routines

 Level 4

Lefvel 4 is for sparring preparation.  Where we will set what is called condition sparing. By limiting the number or type of technieque that can be used.  During a round  we see how you cope  with the presure .

 your skills are appraised by the coach  after the  condition sparing
 upon approval, you are  allowed to join the full sparing sessions  where you will then matched up with another for sparring. Your opponent  with  similar skill levels, along with height & weight.