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Warm-up. Typically the workout begins with 3 or 4 rounds of jumping rope. or alternatives include: jogging.  Warming up the muscles slowly using the correct  Technique. For 2 to 3 rounds, you work to improve stance, punches, footwork, and combinations. This can be done using focus mitts, on a bag, or by “shadow boxing” in front of a mirror.

A Boxing Fitness workout typically has these four phases:

Focus Mitts and Punch Drills. For most people, the most enjoyable part of Boxing Fitness is working on punching. During this part of the workout, you work through a series of attack and defensive routines. During this time, you continue to work in 2-minute rounds, with a 45 to 60 second rest in between. There are a wide variety of punch drills that anyone can do in front of a mirror, on a bag, or with a partner.

Each round, you add one or two new things to the routine. For instance, you might start with jabs the first round. Then you introduce the right hand to the second round, and mix up some combinations. The third round you might add some ducking. And so on. There is no limit to the variety you can introduce during Punch Drill training.

Finish The final 10 or 15 minutes of a workout can be the most challenging. You have a number of options, depending on your goals: stretching, abdominal/core work, arm strengthening, sprints, endurance training, and/or lunges.

Both an aerobic and anaerobic conditioning component. 

Strength training. 

Variety and fun. 

Easy to learn. 


Low risk of injury (because the focus is on boxing technique, not actual fighting).Helps burn calories and take off fat. Addresses the biggest problem areas most people have (abdominal's, butt, hips, and thighs – the “core”).